The Association of Arab and European Universities

The Association of Arab and European Universities (AEUA) was initiated in 1998 by the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation in The Netherlands. Its prime objective is to facilitate and to stimulate collaboration between universities in European and Arab countries at an institutional, departmental and faculty level. Ultimate goal is to develop human resources and promote understanding between cultures and exchanges between the civil societies involved.

It was initially established to respond to the growing need for an effective vehicle to provide Arab and European universities with improved access to the MEDA II Programme (now ENPI, European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument). AEUA was formally incorporated under Dutch law in 2000 with a very strong backing of the Association of Arab Universities based in Jordan and the European University Association based in Brussels, who are both represented on the AEUA Board. 


Summary and Presentations of AEUA Presidents' Meeting

(held from July 3-5, 2011 in Groningen, the Netherlands)